It used to feel like Summer

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Summer is simply teasing us. Back when Summer started (ha, I am making it sound like it was so long ago), it was overcast. Then we had a couple of awesome, beautiful days. The back door was left open all day. The boys where down to their diapers, running around the house, hanging outside. But not today. OH NO! We are overcast again! Go figure. Hmm, I guess it is better than it being 100F+ like last year. And, some rain wouldn’t be bad. I like rain, ok!? Though…lets not mix it up! Either one or the other. Don’t get us all excited and then screw with us! 😉

See!! It was nice (and we finally bought an umbrella for the patio!). Alexander enjoyed himself like no other! Ty calls this photo Alexander’s version of Superman!!

And here is Jake. Enjoying the weather and avoiding mommy’s camera. This boy was not happy when we tried to take his shirt off. I guess that is what happens when you are born in November and you are used to being all bundled up! But he got used to being (almost) naked.

I like this photo. This is him calling Jake who was inside with daddy!

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