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bodycology® strives to improve women’s lives through products that feed the mind, body and soul. We encourage women to “find their bodycology” with our delicious range of products that use the highest quality ingredients, long-lasting fragrance and upscale, beautiful packaging – and all at a great price!”

Fall is fast changing into winter and my skin is getting drier by the minute! Not drinking enough water is bad enough, but to that lets act the fact that I am terrible when it comes to keeping my skin moisturized. I tend to forget things like this. And I have tried all kinds of lotions to help me keep my skin healthy even after a couple of days of not applying anything to it.

Bodycology sent me 2 of their products for my review, the Vanilla Cupcake body cream and the Sweet Petals body mist.

Vanilla Romance body cream

Indulgent: The delicious scents of buttercream and sugary vanilla provide all the decadence of dessert – without the guilt.”

This has to be, by far, my favorite body cream ever! I love the scent. It smells so yummy, it makes me feel like “a walking cupcake”! Which is a good thing if you like vanilla cupcakes, or cupcakes.

The scent is everlasting! After a whole day of running after the kids, jumping up and down the couch, cooking, errands, daily life, you will still smell good!! Even when you take a shower the scents is still there!

The vanilla cupcake body cream is so smooth that you will notice a difference on your skin. The body cream is heavier than the popular brands. It feels smoother and it has a tint of shimmer, or it might be that I have myopia!

As I am writing this review I can smell the vanilla cupcake scent. Makes me hungry!

My husband loves this body cream as much as I do if not even more, he loves vanilla.

Sweet Petals body spray

Heavenly: The heavenly scent of sweet pea mingles with berries to give you a brighter spirit and positive outlook.”

The Sweet Petals body mist smells sweet with a hint of berries. And I really like it. I love perfumes. I like the tropical ones that are fruity and/or citric. I am not into flowery smells, they make me feel old.

Just a little spritz and it makes me feel all freshened up.

Even though I like perfumes a lot I am really picky when it comes to picking which I like. I might like the smell at first but the lasting scent is important to me as well. Even so that I only have 2 perfumes: Halloween and Colors, which has been unfortunately discontinued. The Sweet Petals body mist has been added to my list.

Would it be OK if I spray it all over my house? It smells that good!

Bodycology has many more scents and products that are worth the try. Make sure to visit their website and learn what else they have to offer. Maybe you are not into the sweetness of a vanilla cupcake or the sweet berry smell, but they also have an apple orchard scent, coconut lime, white gardenia, berrypear, and many more!


You can find all Bodycology products on their website. They are also available at retail, drug stores, and specialty stores nationwide. To find the retailer closer to you click here.


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Disclosure: I received vanilla cupcake body cream and the sweet petals body mist for review purposes only. No other compensation was received. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced bybodycology®.
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