Christmas Tree Lighting Bomb Scare

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When you think of American cities targeted by terrorists you may never think of Portland as being one of them, right? I thought so too, until yesterday morning.

I am sure that it has been broadcasted all over the news, Friday night there was a bomb scare at the Portland’s Christmas Tree Lighting. Some guy planned on blowing up a car parked right across Pioneer Square in the heart of downtown Portland.

The FBI was totally part of it. They knew all along and gave the guy many chances to back off but he would. He wanted a “huge mass that will … be attacked in their own element with their families celebrating the holidays.”

We were there. Less than 50 feet away from the white van the terrorist parked right outside of Chase.

As I type this I have tears rolling down my face. To think that Friday I was celebrating the Christmas Tree Lighting with my two boys and Ty and his family, unaware of what was going on, it scares me.

I am not mad. I am thankful that nothing happened. That I got to kiss my boys good night that night, yesterday, and tonight. It is just such an odd feeling knowing that you could have died, that your babies wouldn’t be here. It is so hard to explain.

Thankfully we are OK. Nothing happened. Thank you God.

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