Christmas Tree

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We picked our Christmas Tree today!! We were supposed to do it yesterday but ran out of time! Apparenlty therte are some days that need some extra hours thrown in!

We went to the same tree farm from last year. And even though it was Ty’s turn to choose the tree I found it for him!! Oops! He looked everywhere and could not find the one. And I turned around and there it was. Out Christmas tree.

A. got to help daddy cut it while J. stayed with Grandma…while mommy snapped pictures of it! Hehehe

A. loved being able to help daddy take the tree to the car. He lead the way…through tight spots.

The tree is beautiful! Tall enough for our 11 ft tall ceiling. It is full and smells so good…which I can’t always smell. I think I might be catching a cold…*sneeze*

Once we were all home we got to start decorating the tree!! And J helped me with the lights while A was playing with the Christmas train daddy got for the boys, and daddy was snapping pictures!

I am almost done with the tree decorating but since there is dark outside I cannot finish. I promise to post of picture of the final product!

You should share a photo of your Christmas tree with me! Please?

Pretty please with mint bark on top?!

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