Updates: June 30th

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Ok, so…my little sister Julia is visiting from Texas. These are the photos from last Wednesday:

From the airport we went downtown. We had tacos for lunch and then headed to this park which name I forgot. But anyways…there’s this spot with water and a small waterfall that kids simply love when it is hot. So we decided to take Alexander there…man did he enjoyed it! The water was really hot and it was windy, so we did not stay for too long. Planning on going back there on Wednesday when it is supposed to finally be hot!
Soooo…these are Julia & Alexander….talking about puppies or cars. Who knows. Maybe it was about puppies riding cars.
Jacob and mommy stayed behind. Jake was hungry and the water was too cold. So we passed. He’s joining forces on Wednesday though!
Mr Jaco being his cute self with his finger in his mouth. Oh the teething keeps going on.
Jake is all about mommy. So after mommy had to go throw a diaper away Jake started to fuzz so his Auntie Julia took him for a walk, which he loved. Until she decided to stop…which did not make Jaco happy!
Oh, and yeah, there will tons of photos. So sit back, relax and enjoy!
Got all packed up to go on the Streetcar. And since Alexander looooves glasses he tried on his Auntie’s. Doesn’t he look cute?
Once downtown, Jacob fell asleep for a little while. We also went downtown where Auntie Julia bought the boys some presents. They both got a new outfit (which Jacob has been the only one to wear, at least 1/3 of it), Jacob got a colorful book and Alexander got a brand new set of tools!! He wanted mommy to hold him so he started crying. Auntie had the bright idea of making him wear the backpack with his tools. And he loved it!! SO CUTE!!
Once home he got down to business. He loves his new tools! He even tried to saw my ears off! And now, of course, we can’t find the saw anywhere. It is probably under the couch somewhere. Or in the toy bin (aka Jacob’s playpen which he stopped using a few months back).
Even Jacob likes the tools! He is really into anything his brother likes and uses or even touches.
FAMILY PHOTO!! I think I am the only one looking at the camera although you can barely see my eyes!
Boys and their tools.
And the limbo!! He didn’t really know what to do about it. He did crawl under it a couple of times. But making it fall down after stumbling into it is way more fun! He also combined limbo and tools.

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