Update: July 1st

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Thursday we stayed home. The weather is going all funky on us. Sucks! Though, I really appreciate that it is not as hot as last year. And that I am not pregnant this year. Heck yeah! (oh, and by the way, we are done popping kids over here…D-O-N-E! Ok, at least I am done popping them.)

Auntie and Jacob…trying to show Julia that Jacob kisses his reflection on the mirror…which he abstained him self from doing. Oh boy!
I was told to put this photo. Hehehe, just kiding! I really like it. It is super cute!! Lalalalaa…
Jacob adores his Auntie. She always makes him smile, unless mommy decides to talk, then he gets fuzzy!
Look at that happy boy!!
“Imma gonna eatcha!”
While we were on the photo shoot above, Alexander was busy with his tools. Hammering this, using the monkey wrench on that. Always so serious when he plays.
Hey Jaco!
Then, Alexander took over Julia’s computer ’cause she had music! Again, all seriousness.
I don’t remember what he is frowning about! And look at the way he is holding his feet!
And mommy and Jacob!

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