Update: July 2nd

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A few months back i posted a photo of Alexander drawing on a piece of paper I taped to the back glass door. Julia asked me if when she came to visit I could do the same for her. So, she got her own piece of paper taped on the back glass door:

Julia sitting in front of the glass door drawing with Jacob.
Alexander decided to only draw with a black crayon, but it looked so cool!
Another view of Julia & Alexander at work.
I simply adore the way he grabs the crayon!! 
Joint collaboration.
Julia taught Alexander how to say ‘A, B, C’ in Spanish. We also tried the numbers to no avail!
Oh well. Today we also figured out that Alexander loves the letter I…he would point at the letter on the drawing and say ‘I I I I I’ hehehehe
Jacob decided to join in the action. Ok, sort of. He would either play with the coloring book or…
…play with the crayons! Double handed! So excited! 
Man, look at those thighs! They used to be bigger though! This boy has been exercising lately with all that walking along the couch and around the coffee table!
This is an excerpt from Alexander’s drawing. Doesn’t the pink scribble look like a heart? I think I will frame it and hang it around the house.
I made spaghetti for dinner. So this is how it went:
He asked me for some Parmesan cheese. He poured on his pasta and started munching away. Not even 15 minutes later this is the scene! A big tomatoey mess!! 
Oh, and the band aid…I was trying to change his diaper and he tried to run away but he crashed against the corner of the coffee table scrapping his belly. So I put a Spiderman band aid on his cut! He liked it! 
And this are Jacob and mommy goffing off while feeding Jacob! Bunk heads!

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