Update: July 3rd

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Saturday was downtown day. We headed over to the Farmer’s Market, Satruday Market, Huber’s, the park and then we all headed home. Photos:

Daddy got Alexander a crepe with Nutella but he did not want any of it! Oh so silly. The crepe was really yummy! Mommy liked! πŸ˜€
Mr Jaco is such a snuggle bunny who holds on like a monkey. Isn’t he cute? I mean, look at that smirk! Aaaaaadorable!
Auntie Julia, Jacob and mommy
Alexander and Jon with their little boys: Jacob and Issac. Those two little boys are 5 weeks apart! Still Jacob looks way older!
Alexander waiting for his balloon sword. Look at him!! I just love my boy!
While the balloon guy was working on his balloon, Alexander decided to start shooting at the bystanders!! Poom! Poom! 
The boy and his sword. He loved that thing! While chasing his cousin he fell down and the sword broke, so I took him to get a new one. The balloon guy was leaving so he made him a new sword for free!
Jacob can stand all by himself now!! Look at him!!
I’m a proud mommy!
Grabbing on to Grandma’s finger so that he won’t fall…!
Daddy and Jaco hanging out
From the Farmer’s Market we went to Huber’s. The plan was to go to the Saturday Market but it did not go that way. 
Over at Huber’s (the oldest restaurant in Portland) some of the group had a Spanish Coffee…
Here is our waiter making them. He puts lemon on the glass edge which then gets a coating of sugar. Add tons of alcohol, then more alcohol (Kahlua) then light it on fire! Add coffee, whipped cream and enjoy!
Both the boys tried on auntie’s glasses! So cute!! Hahaha, Alexander even stopped to pose for the camera!

From Huber’s we headed over to the park while the daddies went to get the cars.

Alexander went  on the swing. He loves to swing. Bright smiles.

Then it was time for the play structure. He found a pair of binoculars. He is so funny!! they were a little bit too high up for him. Still oh so silly my boy!

He then went through the tunnel. Over and over and over again. And not once did he look up for me to take a photo!!
I have more photos of this tunnel, but I would get in trouble if I do post them!

Auntie took him to the monkey bars. Man did he stayed hanging for quite a while!! Tops 20 seconds!! And he loved it! This boy is gonna be quite an athlete!

Julia loves elephants, so we walked a block up to get some photos of the sculpture. I have some photos of her with the elephant but I need permission to post them. If I post without her knowledge and ok, this might be my last post (tsk, tsk) πŸ˜‰

Auntie and Alexander going down the slide.

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