Update: July 4th

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Independence Day! Ours started stressed out. Every 4th of July there’s a Blues Festival over at the South Waterfront Park in Portland. Bad planning led to it all: arriving late and not finding a spot to sit. That, and nothing else to do (I completely forgot to bring card games and scrabble). We walked around pulling a wagon with a cooler full of drinks and ice back and forth between the park and the parking lot. Getting to our car some gal blocked us by parking in front of our car! And the worst thing was that it could not be towed since we were parked at a public parking lot.

We ended managing our way out and drove home.

Unfortunately, we missed the Blues fest. I was not happy about it. Specially since my sister is visiting from Texas.

So, we ended going back home and then drove back downtown around 9pm.

We ended at the top of a parking lot 7 stories high and got a perfect view of the fireworks show! At the end it was worth it. Everybody enjoyed the show. Though, Alexander was really tired and did not enjoy it as much as the firework show daddy and his uncles put up for us the night before.

Next year I will make the plans and make sure everything goes as planned and that everybody is in time. We are thinking about going to PGE park and watch a game and stay for their firework show. We will see. We might even go to Fort Vancouver! Or Lake Oswego!

Now, on to the photos! There aren’t too many. Stressful day.

Daddy got to carry Jacob around. Cute! Hehehe, looking good Ty!
He doesn’t look too thrilled!
Smiles and bitting!!
Alexander got to ride in the 3 seat stroller of his Aunt. Here he spotted a helicopter and is amazed by the sound.
I’ll call this the Byrd Convoy!
Every person who saw them thought there were one too many kids. I think they thought they were all Jon and Chelsey’s! hehehehe

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