Update: July 5th

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Monday we were going to go to the Children’s Museum with the boys but Grandma Rowe called and invited us to hang out at Bridgeport Mall, so we all hung out with the family.
I was getting ready when Julia took this photo!! So cute!!
Ooooh, bubbles! Or raspberries…or whatever you call them!!
Once at the mall Alexander got to play at the little playground. This was the only way up! But he did so good! Still some practicing to do.
Ignoring mommy even though we know she wants to snap a picture.
We also made a quick stop at Borders. Alexander got to go down the escalator but he did not like it at all. He freaked out a little. But daddy was holding his hands so he felt better about it.
We then headed to Grandma’s house.
 And this is Jacob playing with the bracelet my Grandma got me. He just loves to hold up whatever it is that he is holding with both his hands, like as if showing it off.
Mr Jaco likes his Auntie!! Look at that!
Oh my silly Jake
Jake and mommy posing for the camera!! Me likey!
Gizzy decided to come say hi and of course Jacob was quite curious. She is so cute!! I was blowing on her face, so this is her blocking the air!! She also does that when she is begging for food!
The boys played basket ball. Oh I just want to squeeze him!!
Here he was getting ready to throw the ball at uncle Alex.
Throwing the ball. Look at his face!
This little boy looooves to walk! He simply can’t wait to start walking. That way he will be able to play more with Alexander. They would both love that!
Julia took this photo. I like it!
He is such a lounger! Just like Alexander!! The hand on the knee is the best.

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