Update July 6th – Children’s Museum

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Ty dropped us off at the Children’s Museum and we had to stop and get a photo here! 
So, the museum closes at 5, which gave us around 3 hours of play. Next time, we will be there a little bit earlier. And we are also contemplating on buying a membership! Way cheaper! Yeah, yeah!
So, here goes the visit. Sit back and enjoy ’cause they are tons of photos!
We started at the Water room but we did not stay too long since there were some boys who wanted to take every toy from Alexander and were bossing him around. So, we moved on to the house…
He started working on a bench. Auntie Julia was trying to teach him how to use a tool.
We tried to make him wear the hat but he refused. This is the only photo were you can, sort of, see his face!! 
This buckets had a lot of wooden sticks. But, as you can see, he decided to use the buckets for something else! Lets drum away!!
I also got to wear the hat!!
On to the tree house:
It had two big magnetic boards with tons of magnets. He loved it there! I had to carry him away so that we could see more stuff!
On to the market…
…where he had so much fun! Picking his fruit and veggies. Weighting his corn.
He had his own little cart. Perfect size.
Mommy helped him with the groceries too.
And once we were done, we took our groceries to the cashier!
And once we were done….
…we went to the dinner!
…and to the pet house.
…and to the Twilight Trail. He loved it there! Tons of transparent and colorful blocks. 
And oh so serious as always.
He had fun. He even came back running to the table afterwards!
We also went to play with some clay. He decided to cut it and stab it with the knife thingy. But he enjoyed it. Not his favorite stop though.
CHOO CHOO trains!! Choo choos are his fave new thing! Choo choos are the best! He had fun here until this brat came into the same room and started pushing everybody and taking their toys and, of course, his grandma said nothing.
Going through the tunnel!
He even got a chance to “drive” the ambulance!
And then it was back to the trains.
Seriousness abounds. Got busy digging. He even had his Auntie Julia working on the clock filling those buckets!
This was his favorite part of the dig pitt.
Once he decided he was done…he took off to the market again!
But this time he was the cashier…
…and we were the costumers!
He also served some coffee to his costumers at hid dinner!! Making sounds effects as he was doing so!
And at the stage he found this xylophone! And play away…

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