Update: July 7th

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Man am I behind on my updates of Julia’s visit!! Sheesh me!

So, this is what went down on the 7th…yeah, it was pool day! Except for me. That is what happens when your swimsuit tops don’t fit you…dang it!

Alexander with one of mommy’s catalogs watching the cars go by. Take note of the pose!
Hehehe, I gave Jacob one of those carnival animal cookies (animal crackers covered in white/pink chocolate and sprinkles)…and he loved that thing!! Sucked the chocolate off and dropped the soggy cookie on the floor…and of course there was his messy face and hands!
Meanwhile Alexander was walking by holding tight to Bankie and TD (aka Blankie and Teddy).
Since it was hot outside I let Alexander play with water for a while.
He walked into the kitchen and chose what he was gonna use for his play time.
Auntie and Jake were watching on the sideline.
Look at that belly!! No wonder we used to call him Chunk! Though back then he was all belly.
He is so silly!! Hehehehe
We went swimming at Joyce’s (Ty’s grandma) pool. 
Alexander had a little bit of a hard time once we got him in the water. It’s not that he doesn’t like water, he loves water. He just doesn’t like water on his face, unless he is the one pouring it on.
Once we put him in that colorful chicken floating thingy (chicken or whatever it is supposed to be) he felt better. 
Daddy gone…
…daddy back!! And boy happy!
Even Jacob went in! He had this silly one piece floating suit. He look funny! And he did good. He liked it.
Jaco and Julia.
Alexander’s super boat!
Alexander and daddy cruising away. 
Daddy and Jaco enjoying the day.

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