High School Crushes

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Back in 11th grade I had this crush on a boy from 12th grade…or was I in 10th? Can’t remember. The deal is that I had this crush on this boy.

I do not have that many friends. All my friends are back home and I do not have any here in Portland. But I digress…

High School. I hung out with two girls: Penelope and Alexandra (who is now known as Dr. Galvez and she is still my best friend even though we barely talk any more, she is super busy, remember? :P). We all had our crushes and we gave them nicknames.

The 12th grader was “Que”. I am pretty sure there was a “Quien” as well. And then when I was in 12th grade I had a crush on a 10th grader, hehe. But he was cute! And his nickname was “Oso”. Hehehe, and there was a “Nadie” as well!! And we can’t forget “Nada”, the hot volley ball player…who was not my crush.

I never stalked any of my crushes. We just had to leave the stalking to Penelope! She was good at it and knew all the where abouts of our crushes. I did once simply stopped and stared at him from outside his classroom. Oops!

Hey, I was coming out of the principal’s office and his classroom was right there! I am pretty sure he noticed me. But life went on and I still did not dare go talk to him. And he did not care about me, so blah.

I then started dating this guy and I remember that one day after classes were over I was sitting by the lockers with Alexandra, aka Ale, and I saw “Que”, I can’t even remember his real name. I stared and lost my train of thought.

Funny thing is, the guy I was dating came to visit to my school and was trying to get my attention but I was lost staring at another guy. HILARIOUS!! I remember that I looked up, said hi and went back to my staring.

Oh, those high school years.

I did get to talk to him. Not much. Maybe a hi?

  • frompdxwithlove
    December 5, 2010

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  • Minta
    December 5, 2010

    We used to give all the guys we had crushes on nicknames so we could talk freely about them without having to worry about people overhearing something and running to tell them. Embarrassment avoided.

    • Sofia
      December 5, 2010

      I know!! It simply has to be done!! 🙂