HighKey Camera Strap {Review}

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HighKey was founded in early 2009 by Tom BakerAndie Haugen, two students from Brooks Institute of Photography who wanted more than the average, dull looking camera straps we, and millions of other photographers were wearing. We had an idea to create style, and ran with it, in hopes that everyone else was just as desperate as we were for cool camera straps.”

-Excerpt taken from HighKeyCamera.com

I can’t even remember how I found HighKey but I am so happy I did!! See, I love my camera and I take it with me everywhere. It has become my shadow.

When you get your camera is comes with a black boring strap.

Pretty dull, black and white huge yellow letters saying NIKON. Plus everybody that has a Nikon has the exact same strap. It simply does not show who you really are.

When I was given the opportunity of reviewing one of HighKey’s camera straps I was over the clouds! But hey, not only did I get the chance to review their straps I received the Sophisticated Symmetry Pink!

Now this is what my camera looks like (!):

I simply love my new HighKey camera strap. But they don’t only carry pink straps. Oh, no!! The Sophisticated symmetry strap, like mine, also comes in mocha, midnight, green, and blue.

Some of my favorite straps, besides the one I got to review are:

The HighKey camera straps make the perfect Christmas gift, specially since you can customize it! Choose your pattern, color, words, you name it, they”ll make it for you!


Find these and many more HighKey camera straps at their website.


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Disclosure: I received a HigKey camera strap for review purposes only. No other compensation was received. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced HighKey .
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