Hit on

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Have you ever been hit on while out with the hubs/boyfriend?

Yesterday afternoon we went over to the in law’s house since we lack AC and it got hot again (90° in Portland kills us). We decided to go for a walk and have some wine at this little awesome shop. Believe me, wine and 90° weather do NOT mix! That walk gave me such a headache!

But I digress.

Being the chocoholic that I am plus the idea of ice cream, the hubs, Alexander and I decided to get ice cream at Pizza Schizza (right next to the wine shop). Before I continue I must say that this was the 3rd time the hubs had been to the store and if you ask me he is quite a catch, pretty handsome guy. So…as soon as I walk in the cashier wouldn’t keep her eyes off me. I went over to the ice cream counter choose a cone and took it to the counter while Ty paid for it.

Well, for what I was told she asked me what kind of camera I had (which a tote around everywhere with me). But I was so into finding napkins to keep my hands clean that I did not hear her talk. I might have heard a voice but I thought it she was talking to Ty.

Once outside the store Ty tells me, with a big smile on her face, that she was totally checking me out! Of course I was like, huh? me?! Yeah right. I simply smiled back and asked, ‘really?’ And he says ‘this is the third time I walk in and as soon as she saw you she stuck her boobs out’. I actually felt flattered.

And of course I asked him, ‘how does that make you feel?’. And like any man would say, his reply was:  ‘I think it is kind of hot!’ with a big, HUGE smile on his face.

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