What to wear to a wine tasting {Governor Hotel}

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governor hotel

Later today we will be heading to the Governor Hotel for a yummy wine tasting!! We, and by we I mean Ty et moi, will be joining my in laws. Boys will stay home with their Auntie. This will be her first time baby sitting!!

So, what do you wear to a wine tasting at a fancy hotel in downtown Portland? I don’t want to over dress or under dress (?). I could wear a dress but I still can’t find my darn bras, the ones pre babies. I think they are up in the attic…

Black slacks and a nice shirt? Red dress? Jeans, knee high boots and a nice shirt? How about my pajamas?  No?

I also have to do something with my hair. And shower. Vacuum the house. Clean bathrooms…argh. SO MUCH TO DO, so little time.

One thing is for sure, I will bring my camera with me and I will take tons of photos! I promise to show them off tomorrow!!

On to some outfit fittings.

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