USPS, I’m mad at you

By Friday, December 10, 2010 3 Permalink 0

Today Ty got the mail like he always does. Wow, leave it to the USPS to screw things over. I received two envelopes with some review products and look the condition said envelopes arrived in:

I mean, seriously? Is it that hard to keep a freaking envelope from being attacked by your hunger? I dunno. How on earth does an envelope gets chewed up like this!? This whole almost got to what is inside it, thankfully all I’ll have to do is wash. But COME ON! You get paid to not only deliver our mail but deliver it in one piece!

Next time, don’t use my mail to shield the dog that was chasing you.

Just saying.

Now, explain this one. ARGH!! Simply pisses me off! It can’t be that hard to keep things safe and CLOSED! I hope I did not loose a single thing that was in that envelope (samples).

This one, OK. This one I understand. It is a magazine. Get it. I am actually not mad about this one. Besides, it is Christina Aguilera. I’ve got nothing against her. I just don’t like her. Doesn’t she look photoshoped?

USPS, I hope that next time you deliver my mail it comes in one piece, clean and nice. Shouldn’t even have to say this but, Please?

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