I Love my boys!!

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God has given me two amazing, super crazy little boys whom I love to death! It is just amazing watching them grow and learn. I love being a mom! I love being their mom…LOVE IT!

These boys are nuts! But super cute…

Just the other day, I can’t even remember what we were doing in their closet and this is what A. started doing (!):

He is super crazy and loves jumping off the walls and throwing him self off the couch onto his head, loves it!! then he’ll pretend he got hurt and then he’d just smile at you and do it all over again until you ask him to stop.

I actually thought he was going to do a full turn and flip, or whatever that it is called, and land on his feet or butt…but he hasn’t figured that one just yet. Which is a matter of days.

Not such a good picture but I still like it. A. gave it a try, over and over and over. And every time he got that much more excited and he jumped and smile and yelled and celebrated how awesome it was to hang upside down from his closet pole and having mommy taking pictures and not saying ‘no’!

Did he fall off? Of course he did!!

But that just made it better! More jumping, yelling, celebrating and clapping! He got up with the biggest smile ever and super bright eyes.

Gosh, A. I love you silly man!

Now J., he is sort of the opposite of A. J is more calmed and relaxed and more of an observer who is really into climbing these days. Just last week I was folding the laundry in my bedroom and I looked over my shoulder and little boy was on my night stand!! Yeah, he is a climber. He now climbs onto the coffee table and claps for himself! Super cute. Unfortunately, no photos of that yet since he does cute and daring things when mommy doesn’t have a camera in hand and well, can’t leave him there by himself, right?

Latest cuteness from J? He has found himself a blankie!! Only problem is that the so called blankie is not actually a blankie but a scarf I got from Abby (my CHWH swap partner)!

He would put it over his shoulders and smile and run away from me before I can take it away. Or he’d simply walk around with his blankie, aka mommy’s scarf, in tow!

Love the look on his face!

I love his cheeks! Love giving them tons of kisses!! And J has this thing for his belly! He’ll proudly show his belly to you if he so wishes! And he is always touching it.

One day after I nursed him he jumped off the bed and walked away patting his belly! He is that much in love with his tummy!

Oh, my boys. What would I do with you?

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