Soft Baby Clothes {Review}

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Soft Baby Clothes

I was given the opportunity of reviewing some of the baby clothes that SOFT carries. Soft? Well, let me tell you that they are an online store for baby designer clothing! You can count on SOFT to bring you and your baby clothes that are unique in design: stylish and cute; comfortable, wearable, made from lasting high end quality fabric

This time it was J’s turn to be mommy’s helper. He modeled and looked super cute!! Look at those cheeks! Squeezable…

We received the Organic Baby Set:

And retails for $48! But, what if you only like the hat? Or the onesie? No need to worry!! SOFT also sells them separately! The hat is $27 and the onesie is $30, and believe me, totally worth every penny!

Maybe this is not the style your little one goes for, hehehe, it still makes a great Baby Shower Gift! right?

So this is how it is done, modeling = pretend mommy is not holding her camera way too close to your face. Look at the thighs!

The fabric is thick and super soft which is awesome during the winter. The little puppy face is oh so cute!! And I love the fact that the sleeves are longer than normal, extra brownie points!

{Closeup of the puppy’s face}

{Juts because…I think he was watching Mickey or something on Disney}

{Hat action}

My boys had never been into hats at all! Specialyl A, he’d freak out whenever he’d see Ty wearing his hat. But this winter he made up his mind when I asked him to put his hat on so that his ears wouldn’t get cold, so from then on he loves them!

J., well, we just ask him to stop trying to take it off and then try to take his mind off it! But he really liked his hat!! He’ll take it off and then ask me to put it back on with a huge smile on his face as I do so. Adorable!

The first time I saw the hat I thought, ‘hey, just like the romans’ hats!’, though, Ty’s first thought, ‘he looks like Chicken Little!’, and now that hat is being referred to as chicken by A.!! Oh, love all 3 of my boys.

Extra brownie point, sorry I think I am hungry, so…yeah, extra points for covering the ears!!

When J first wore the hat we were at the mall and every single person around us would just say that he looked so cute and that the hat was adorable!

SOFT also carries clothes for girls. Here are some other items that I love:

Organic baby pants Puff Winter Jacket in Red
Footed Baby Sleeper Footed Baby Sleeper

– GET IT –

Visit SOFT and see for yourself all the amazing clothes they carry!!


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Disclosure: I received a these products for review purposes only. No other compensation was received. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced SOFT.
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