2010 in review {February}

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We slept on daddy’s shoulder…and even drooled a bit.

We used our monkey as a chew toy! Poor little guy was all covered in drool 24/7!

Look at those eyes!

We learned how to use mommy’s iPhone!

Do you see the cute pink iPhone case? Well it is no longer! Boys broke it and then I sort of bit on it and well, it is all torn and chewed on…and I need a new one!

We got piggy back rides from daddy!!

Little feet!!

More brother bonding! Though in this case, J had just woken up from his nap and A decided to join him in his playpen! And then mommy covered them both and they were all cute so I had to get my camera out!

We tried to peel potatoes with a wooden spoon! It was so cute! A even got the potato out of the bag which he carried all the way from the kitchen!

Grandma took us to the zoo! A enjoyed it so much! Except the petting zoo which he tried to run away from!

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