2010 in review {March}

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We picked up Easter eggs at Grandma’s house back when she lived in Snoqualmie.

We flashed our bellies at mommy!! All 3 of my Byrd boys are exhibitionists! And they love it! A used to do the ‘naked dance’ right in front of our balcony glass door! And he would dance and show off what he’s got while singing ‘naked, naked, nakeeeeeeed’. Pretty hilarious if I may say so myself.

We read books! J has always been very interested in letters, words, shapes, drawings. He was so excited and so into the book.

We were cute, for cuteness sake! I really need to print this photo and frame it.

We lounged on our lion chair while staring at daddy, probably thinking to our selves, ‘what is that dude staring at?’

We played the maracas! And also tried to eat them to no avail…looks like those fingers were pretty tasty, though.

We took self portrait pictures while mommy held the camera…and I think there is a tiny booger in there…

We played together. Or more like A played with the 3 little pigs and the wolf on J’s walker tray while J stared at the pigs while saying to himself, ‘man, I gotta get those’!

We stared out the window.

We went to the park and had a blast!

I should’ve taken a jacket with me that day ’cause it was very windy!

We played with bubbles in the bath.

We made happy smiles on our bread as well!

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