2010 in review {April}

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We tried to devour mommy’s camera every single time it got close to us!

We also snacked on her camera accesories! And they where oh so yummy!

We seriously tried to stuff everything in our mouth!! While looking cute with the pucker and those eyes of course!

We played with our trucks while looking annoyed thanks to mommy snapping photos of us 24/7.

Man are we silly! A has always wanted to run around naked…and he gets stuck in his shrt every now and then, even to this day!

We rocked out our hats! Would you believe me if I tell you that this boy used to hat wearing hats? Well, actually, he hated all hats. Now he wants to wear his beanie every time he sees it.

We practiced our gymnastic moves!

We tried to eat our toys! But we couldn’t figure out how to hold them just yet.

We drew on mommy’s windows! He did clean it up afterwards, he has always been such a little helper.

We all had tummy time together! Even mommy…but you can’t see her since she is behind the camera, hehehe.

We learned how to stand up! And then tried to eat daddy’s hands 😉

We helped daddy make a fort and we loved playing on it!

We mad new friends with a penguin, which J now fears!

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