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I got pregnant 8 months after Alexander, my first son, was born. Who would have known that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” wouldn’t apply to us.

I was 15 weeks along when I got an ultrasound and we learnt that it was a boy! From there it all went so fast. I guess it was the whole running after an already walking baby that made it fly by. Though, I must say, it felt to slow down during the summer months. It was so HOT! 110°+ weather, no AC, and pregnant. Not a good combination.

I was due November 12th. Exactly 18 months from Alexander’s due date. Jake decided to come 4 days after said date.

Have I mentioned how we hadn’t chosen a name yet? You have no clue as to how many lists we made and remade and destroyed over and over again. But back to our story…

It was Sunday November 15th when it all began. And, again, my contractions were all over the place. It wasn’t the first time in the month that I’ve had any so I tried not to panic that much.

All day and nothing happened. So, exhausted, I decided to go to bed. I was done for the day.

Around 9pm I jump out of bed while yelling “SH*T!” My mom, who flew from Texas to be there, ran to my room and asked what happened. My water had broke! It freaked me out! I didn’t know how it was going to feel since they had to break my water with Alexander.

And off we went to the hospital. Even Alexander tagged along. Swine flu was in fashion,  so only 2 people, over the age of 18, where allowed in the delivery room. So Alexander had to, unfortunately,  go back home.

The nurses gave me a room and put that baby monitor thingy around the belly. But, and I am so surprised, they did not believe me that my water broke! I mean, come on ladies! I know the difference between peeing my pants and my water breaking! When I pee it just doesn’t all come out as if a water balloon just broke inside of me! They made me wait 2 hours for someone to come to my room and come to the conclusion that my water had, indeed, broken! Seriously, some people just amaze me.

I don’t remember when it was that I asked for an epidural. What I do remember is my mom saying that if I was able to smile and talk during a contraction I was in no need for an epidural. But I still got it. They hurt! And I did not want to wait to the point where I had to torture someone so that the anesthesiologist would hurry to my room.

Monday morning and Jake was still nowhere to be found. Imagine going more than 12 hours with no food or liquids! But I knew what to expect. And I did not want to almost throw up as in the first time.

It was around noon that Bree, my nurse, came into my room, checked how dilated I was and asked me to let her know whenever I felt pressure on my lower back. Not even 5 minutes later and I could feel the pressure. Bree came back to my room, checked me again and went to get the doctor on call (oh yeah, my doctor was nowhere to be found). I really don’t remember her name but she came in and introduced herself and, you know, went on with the normal procedure.

This is where it gets funny. She asked me to lay on my back and open my legs. As soon as I did she exclaims “I can see his head! Close your legs!”. So I did. She turned around looking for his robes and making sure the nurses were ready. And it is still beyond me why two nurses simply decided to strap my legs in whatever those things are called when the doctor had asked me to close my legs! I mean, she wasn’t even ready or near me!

She looks at me and yells “Don’t push! Don’t push!”. I was not pushing! I swear! Jake was so ready to come out that he did all the work! I did not push at all! Fastest delivery EVER!

Remember that my water broke? Doctor said that it might have been a small tear at the top because Jake was born with the amniotic sack around his head, with fluid still in it!

8lbs 14oz, 22 inches tall. He was so tiny! At least compared to his 10lbs 12 oz, 22 3/4 inches tall big brother!

He did not have any problem with nursing. Maybe it was because I was not nervous at all, making him feel at ease. Ever since he has been a foodie. He loves to eat.

I must confess that I was a bit scared. I didn’t know how Alexander was going to take us bringing a new baby home. When he first saw him, he threw himself on the floor and started crying. 5 minutes later and he was showering Jake with kisses! They are best friends now. And like friends do they have their little fights but they love each other.

  • Amber
    July 29, 2010

    How sweet is that pic? And you know, I had a similar problem with my daughter (she was my second)… My doctor was delivering another baby when I dilated to 10 and by the time he got to my room she was crowning and he kept telling me not to push while (I swear) he took his time putting his gloves on. Lol… How do you NOT push with all that pressure?

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    Can my birth PLEASE be a spittin image of this one! Oh please oh please!

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    July 29, 2010

    Hey! Just stopping by to say hi! New follower from thirsty thursday.

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