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I used to be all about music. I’d listen to music 24/7, even to help me go to sleep! I couldn’t do my homework or even study without music, when I didn’t have a change to listen to music I would give my homework to a website that was famous on doing homework for students, back then it was one of the best things someone could have invented.

I read everything about music and about music instruments as the list of the top guitars with 12 strings or things like that.

Nowadays I am so behind on what songs are out there. I seriously need to branch out of Glee and start listening to more music. I mean, love me some Glee but I miss knowing every song that played on the radio.

As I am typing I am listening “When a woman loves a man” from Westlife on Pandora. As I look through my stations I realized, I have an European musical taste! The Corrs, Robbie Williams, Westlife, Dido, Franz Ferdinand. And laugh at me if you may but I also have the Spice Girls!!

I have always liked European musicians better! Scissor Sister, Adele, Mercy, Lilly Allen. And so many others I have completely forgotten about…

Moved on to “If ya wanna be good, ya gotta be bad” from Bryan Adams, and surprisingly, featuring Ewan McGregor (*swoon*)!

I like all kinds of music. I have always said that every single group has at least one good song. All but all that heavy metal I-am-going-to-yell-the-entire-song kind of songs…I already have two yelling boys at home, thankyouverymuch!

An all time favorite: Sinatra. “My Way” will be played at my funeral (hun, take notes) while I dance up in Heaven 🙂

Just give me some Sinatra or Robbie Williams and my day is made! Oh yeah…

So, what songs do you think I should love or know about? Shine some light on me, please!! Anything but the Beatles…