365 Challenge {Day 3}

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And we are back to square one. The boys got their room back! Yeap, we switched rooms and the boys are keeping the big room! Both rooms in our house are master bedrooms with their own walk in closet and bathroom.

It was either giving up the big room or having all the toys in the living room…No more having to scratch our heads trying to figure out what to do with the huge empty space in the big room!!

Besides, the boys love their big room so much!! Just thins morning A. told me, while eating breakfast, “Mommy, I want to play in my room” which of course sounded more like “mommy, I wanna pay in my wroom”! Gotta love 2.5 year old talk!

J. couldn’t care less. It will take him a couple of days to get used to that room again. So far, he slept in our bed! Oh man…

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