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It feels so nice to be in my own house. The TV is on. The boys are sleeping. The dishwasher is running. Ty is on the couch on his computer. I am in the kitchen breakfast bar. Oh, life is good!

We went to Bellingham to visit our friends. S turned 30! Such a big boy, hehe! It was fun. I, however, did not take any photos. It is beyond me why I would do such a thing, but no photos were taken with my camera. It could have been my engorged boob’s fault. Oh yeah, boob. Only one. Jake’s been done with my left boob for like forever! He just decided he did not like that tiny sucker (my boobs are a size in difference, I hate it!). And back to business…

We drove up Friday morning. I drove most of the trip, which made me realize that I am perfectly fine with driving on the highway, it’s the city people that freak me out!

Once there we went to Fairhaven (my fave place in Bellingham, Love Fairhaven!) so that Ty could get a haircut. Since we had to wait until 5 we went to Barnes & Noble to find a book. We were looking for a “How to Get Pregnant, For Dummies” sort of book (this is what I was taking about yesterday!) for S’s present. Couldn’t find one. So we decided to buy a book called “If at First you Don’t Conceive” and added tons of funny sticky notes! The final product was awesome!! S told me that once they get pregnant

(they as in S and wife O) they’ll add more sticky notes and pass it along! HILARIOUS! And it was all my idea! Yeah, yeah! Now I have to find 2 more silly gifts: SM whose turning 40 in October and Ty who is turning 30 in December. Sheesh, I am surrounded by old people! Love you guuuuuys! Oh, and then we went back to Fairhaven for a hair cut. And then to Jalapenos to eat, where they made us wait forever! That’s what happens when you have a party of 16 people! But oh so much fun! Just add crazy people and margaritas and the party is awesome!

Saturday…it was just yesterday and I can’t remember! Oh yeah…pain, engorgement, dizziness and tiredness. And the party. And we just hung out and talked. People drank. Ty had to take his meds (2 car crashes, one which totaled our beloved Audi A6 which I sincerely miss dearly!). And off to bed.

Sunday, aka today, breakfast in Fairhaven and drive back home. And this time I only drove half the way. May I say how much I hate Seattle’s traffic? It SUCKS! There’s always traffic. Bumper to bumper and argh…sloooooow.

But it is nice to be home. Where all my mess is! And where the laundry is still stashed in a basket in my closet. Anybody would like to fold laundry for me? I pay with tons of hugs, kisses and hot cocoa!

Tomorrow’s Jake’s Urologist appointment. I hope they find that testicle and that he decided to drop by itself.

How was your weekend? Anything fun happened?

  • Katie
    August 2, 2010

    Looks like such a beautiful place to get away! I completely understand how nice it is to get away, but even nicer to get home (especially with children). We had a visit from the in-laws this weekend – need I say more??

  • Erika
    August 2, 2010

    Sounds like you had a really fun weekend. We got a new puppy!! Luckily I timed her playtime and my daughter’s playtime so they both are napping now and I can blog 🙂