iPhone 5G

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So lately I have been having some serious problems with my iPhone. It’s not a fancy 4G or even 3Gs, I have an old school 3G. I say old school like it is a brick phone or something, when in reality it’s not. But the other day I did notice a small crack up the back of the case. I’m not sure if this is a result of what is causing my problems, but they do seem to be getting worse. Drop calls and bad reception is just a small piece of it now. Freezing, crashing, and being unable to turn it on are the more significant issues. Well for this reason I have begun eyeing a new phone.

Yes of course I looked at the new 4G. But I don’t want to make the same mistake we did last time. (We bought the 3G a month before the 3Gs was released) I’m looking down the road wondering what kind of new and exciting features the iPhone 5 will hold. I can’t help but question whether a little patience and foresight might pay off in the long run. Now the iPhone 4 is a pretty sexy phone, and does provide some immediate gratification, but I hear some pretty cool things are heading our way with the iPhone 5.

I have been hearing more and more about some of the features we can expect to see with the iPhone 5. Currently there are all kinds of crazy rumors running around from built in PICO projects to TV antennas. But there seems to be a couple things that we can expect to see. I have listed the fe

Likely Features

  • Another Complete Redesign of the phone (This could be really cool)
  • Larger Storage Capacity
  • 4G Data Network
  • Facetime anywhere vs just via wifi
  • Digital Wallet (ability to charge items to your phone)
  • Ugraded Multi-Core Processor
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • Improved Antenna

Other Rumors

  • PICO Projector
  • TV Antenna
  • Biometric Security (Finger Print Reader)
  • Thinner Design
  • Bigger Screen
  • Flash support
  • Reworked Home Screen

At this point, I am going to try to wait it out. Cross my fingers and hope my current phone situation doesn’t get worse before July. In the meantime you can help me out. Post any juicy new rumors you hear here. As long as I can keep thinking of all the cool new things I will get with a little patience I think I can make it. Thanks!