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I am sure you’ve all already heard about Meetup, right? It is quite popular but what turns me away is that you have to pay an annual fee to join the group even if you are not going to stay part of the group! I find this quite unfair and a bit stupid.

So a couple of days ago I got an email from Rich introducing me to his brand new site: Social Toddler!

The website is fresh and very colorful. You can see the hard work and love put into the site, which is in its Beta development so expect some bugs here and there. But Rich and his team are working very hard to fix them all!!

There are a few things that can be done at Social Toddler, you can look for events close to you, join a playgroup or  get expert advice.

Social Toddler have a vast selection of advisers! They have travel experts, sleep experts, safety, nutrition, you name it! So there will always be someone to help you out with your toddler doubts! What to feed them, travel tips, etc.

I already joined a group that’s close to us and will be going to our first playdate on February 16th!! Too many birthdays and stuff to do next week!

I am very glad I was introduced to Social Toddler. I love the site and I can’t wait to meet new mommies and toddlers!

You should check it out and if you live in Portland and its ‘burbs, meet you soon?!

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