China’s “Top Gun” Incident

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OK so this is a great story, apparently China is confused between Hollywood and reallity. A couple days back they (allegedly) hosted a news story about a People’s Liberation Army Air Force training exercise gone wrong. During the exercise the broadcast claimed that a J-10 fighter fired a missile at and destroyed another aircraft. Video of the supposed manoeuvres were aired alongside interview footage and a clip of the specific incident.

However, viewer  “Liu Yi,” and others recognized the video clip from a scene in Tom Cruise’s 1986 movie Top Gun. The Wall Street Journal has kindly posted a comparison of both clips, which I have included below:

The video in question has since been removed from the company’s website. China Central Television, China’s major state television broadcasting company, is not the first Chineese News agency that  has been caught using fake content in their news. In 2007  Xinhua news infamously used an x-ray image of Homer Simpson’s head to illustrate a story about the discovery of a genetic link to multiple sclerosis.

  • Jules
    February 1, 2011

    I am SO happy you blogged about this story because I think it is huh-lar-ious! I mean if you’re going to steal clips from Top Gun at least steal the steamy volleyball scene, right?!

  • Tyler
    February 1, 2011

    I couldn’t decide which was funnier, the Homer Simpson brain scan or the Top Gun dog fight.

  • TheEndofthe Interwebs
    February 11, 2011

    China once again shows that anything cool they do is “borrowed”. Almost makes you want to pre-emptively nuke them, i mean send the MPAA after them (same thing??)