Land of Nod Floor Cushion with Zipper {Tutorial}

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For my very first sewing project I decided to give the floor cushions over at Living with Punks a try. I followed most of her steps but I wanted to make it my own so I added things, like a zipper! and pockets and a different handle.

For the basic tutorial head on over to Living with Punks. If you want to give my version a try keep on reading!

What you’ll need

  • 1.5 yards Home Decor Fabric or any other fabric you want
  • 2 pkgs. 1/2 ” pre made piping
  • Contrasting Thread
  • 16-24oz. Fiberfill, depending on how fluffy you want it
  • 1 zipper
  • 1 yard Batting (in case you go with another type of fabric like I did)

These are our modifications. We added the handle on the 12″ panel and a zipper between the other two panels. We recommend to not close the 12″ panel since you might need to do modifications and this will be the easiest part to do so.

{On to our cushion…}

First you must iron your fabric. Then decide on the size you want your floor cushion. Living with Punks’s cushion are 17″ in diameter and I went all the way to 21″ (!!) which meant lots of math! Argh…

There are different ways to make a circle. The easiest is to use a compass but since I did not have one we went the old way and used a ruler and pencil:

Fold your fabric in two so that when you cut the fabric you get your 2 circles. After you’ve done this find your center. With your ruler (or whatever you have in hand) start making marks with your pencil in the length you want. When you have all your marks cut your fabric.

Just remember that if you want a 21″ circle you’ll have to do your marking at 10.5″ (radius) not like we did on our first try where we did a 21″ radius, 42″ diameter!! That circle was HUGE!!

Cut your handle. You’ll need  two  3″ x 12″ pieces. And your panels.

If you used thin fabric cut your pieces on batting as well so it helps protect the cushion. I did not have batting so I used Buffalo Snow which I already had.

Make sure to pin your batting and fabric together so it doesn’t move when sewing.

Attach the pipping to your circles with pins. You can also baste the pipping to the circles if you do not want to use pins. Do not cut the remaining pipping! At least not yet…

Sew right on top of the pipping’s stitches. I found it easier to adjust the pipping myself without the help of the pins. Of course I am a beginner and I did it as slow as possible. 😀

When you get to the pipping’s edges stop sewing and do this:

1) Remove the stitches the part that overlaps the other pipping edge.
2) Cut the overlapping cord.
3) Fold the fabric over the pipping edge.
4) The pipping should look like this. Make sure to secure it with a pin and sew.

Baste your pipping to both sides of the fabric (right side in). Try to baste as close to the pipping cord and as straight as this will help you sew it. Sew and turn your handle inside out.

{And this is what your handle will look like.}

Living with Punks shows you how to attach the handle on the fabric. Here you can see how to sew it into a panel:

Choose where to place your handle and pin in place. I chose to do it tight in the middle of my 12″ panel. Sew seams together.

This is the kind of pocket we did. Does anybody know its name? But it was pretty easy! Even I could make it!

Sew your pocket, choose where to place and sew.

For the zipper:

Decide where your zipper will go and measure on the fabric where it starts and where it ends. From that point to the edge of the fabric sew the seams together leaving a whole unsewn for the zipper.

Sew the zipper on. Start from top to bottom, turn and sew bottom edge of zipper, and sew all the way up.

{Final look}

Now we move on to cutting the batting for the big piece of the cushion. Pin and baste (optional).

We are almost done!!

Pin your pieces together and sew away following the stitch from when you sewed the pipping and circle together! Make sure not to pull on the fabric.
Once all the pieces are sewn together, open your zipper and very carefully turn the cushion over.
Fill your cushion with as much fiberfill as you wish…


Just like I did, with my mom’s help, you can add pockets, zippers, you name it!

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