Lessons my boys have taught me

By Tuesday, February 8, 2011 1 Permalink 0
  1. Even boys like to be clean.
  2. Graham Crackers give you good breath
  3. Playing with cars means crashing the cars, sound effects included.
  4. Eating cream cheese by the spoonful is as delicious as eating peanut butter, maybe even better!
  5. Random bye-bye’s are adorable
  6. When in doubt and very excited bite, right J.?
  7. Being invited to play cars doesn’t mean you get to play. One is invited to only watch. And don’t dare to stand up!
  8. If you feel like it, HUG!
  9. Random kisses are scrumptious.
  10. Puppies make a great pillow
  11. Baseballs thrown at you hurt, even if the pitcher is only 2 years old

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