Cupertino Soap {Review}

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Cupertino Soaps creates the best natural soaps that are handcrafted using only ingredients of high quality. Their soaps are made in small batches and every step is done with care which ensures better quality and a wonderful uniqueness to each bar.

Every one of their soaps is not only beautiful but also has great moisturizing properties. And with more than 50 fragrances to choose from you are sure to find a favorite, or two!

We care about your health and the health of the planet. We never test on animals; we test all our products on ourselves before we sell it, it’s that natural and safe. Be good to yourself and the planet, use natural soaps.”

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I had the amazing opportunity of reviewing two Cupertino Soaps: Warm Vanilla Sugar Goat’s Milk Blend Soap and the Tangerine & Mango Soap Combo Bar. I was so excited when they came in the mail (which took no time at all, btw) that I completely forgot to snap a picture of it!

Each soap comes tightly wrapped in plastic and a box made from recycled paper! Handmade and eco-friendly, can’t get better than that! Oh wait, it does…!

I tried the Tangerine & Mango soap first. See, I am more of a fruity, tropical, citric smell kind of girl. I am not really into flowery smells, that’s why I chose this soap for me and the Vanilla Sugar for my dear husband.

I love, love, love the soap! The moment I unwrapped the soap you can smell the tangerine and the mango. Scrumptious! You seriously have to remind yourself that it is soap that you are holding and not fruit. It smells that good you’ll even want to bite it!

I have also tried to the Warm Vanilla Sugar soap as well. Love the smell and the feeling on my skin. Ty, the hubs, likes it too! Which comes to no surprise since he loves vanilla.

I now have around 4 different kinds of soaps but I always use the tangerine mango one! One time I even used it on my hair. OK, twice maybe?! I did not have shampoo and, well, I had to wash my hair so I used the soap. And you know what happens when you use soap on your hair, right? It leaves it feeling dry and yucky. But the Cupertino Soap did not! My hair smelled great and was moisturized as if I had used shampoo! I was in soap heaven!

Truly recommend giving Cupertino Soaps a try! You won’t regret it!

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Get these soaps and many more (they even have doggie wash!) at their online store.


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Disclosure: I received 2 soaps for review purposes. No other form of compensation was received. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by Cupertino Soap Company or Veronica her self.

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