2011 So Far

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I just realized, as I am sitting in my boys’ room watching them play, 2011 has not been good to me! We are just starting and what 2 months it has been!

Of course there’s been good things as well. Like deciding on relocating to Colorado, couple new projects that we are about to launch (keep your eyes out for them ’cause they are mommy related), and being with my family.

But besides that things are not so good for me! I think it was on the very first day of the year that I cut my finger with a knife! Once that healed I cut another finger yet again!! Then, once my fingers where back to normal, I fell down the stairs and hurt my shoulder.

After that I think I had a couple of days pain free. But life had to throw in hormones and cramping. Thanks, NOT! Seriously, if I could, I wouldn’t be on my days ever again!

Then I ran into the couch and had a huge bruise on my leg. And then I ran into chairs, tables and, why not, the couch again!! Bruises, oh bruises! Of all colors and shapes…

Once I thought 2011 had stopped being a pain I got a cold! But nah, why stop there, right? Lets add a non stopping migraine-like headache! For a whole week!

Oh and we can’t forget getting my arm burnt with a super hot ceramic pot! The things that happen when you try to save your favorite purple pot!

I hope this year starts being nicer to me!! Please?

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