Playdough Saturday

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Saturday, as we waited for Grandma to come pick us up, we decided to open the playdough the boys got in their Christmas stockings. Man did they have fun! I feared that my kitchen was going to be transformed into a battlefield with playdough on the ceiling and behind the counters and under the fridge and inside the stove. But was I wrong! My boys are not that messy, at least not when they want to…

A. is so serious while he plays. He takes after his father. All seriousness. I don’t think I have ever seen A. smile while he is playing or drawing. He is all noise and laughter when he dances and runs around the house.

This was A.’s second time playing with playdough and he loved it! The first time we played with homemade clay that he did not care about too much.

He squeezed and modeled his playdough and even his cars joined in the fun! I think what he liked best was mixing all the colors together.

Earlier this morning he asked to play again and invited me to join him. It was hilarious! He was telling me how to cut the playdough:

A.: Cut, cut, cut.
A.: No. Like this (showing me how to properly cut with a fork, on its side) and cut.

Couldn’t help but smile.

J. didn’t get to play much with the playdough but he did not care at all. Though I must say that he did try to eat it.

He is so easygoing. He played with the little pastic containers and a blue marker! He is so into coloring. He gets so excited when he draws something. He’ll look at you with his beautiful smile and pride in his eyes. He’ll raise his hands (marker on the right, lid on the left) and wave them up in the air.

Oh, and he is into dancing too!! If you ask him to dance he’ll sway from one side to the other! It is simply adorable!!

6t 5aaaa”

-Little message from J.

How was your weekend?!



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