Plastic Bag Ban

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It has been heard all over the news that Mayor Adams says Portland is more than ready to ban plastic bags. It was said that 60% of Portlanders support the ban. I am a Portlander, why wasn’t I asked?

In a way I am ok with the ban. There ain’t much you can do with a so called single-use plastic bag besides for being used as a trash bag.

What I do not like about them is that they cannot be recycled. Or so I’ve heard. Something like they need one too many to make a single plastic bottle. And there isn’t a lot of people who recycle them either.

On the other side. I think their ban is totally stupid. So, the bags you use to carry your groceries would be banned but not the ones where you put your fruits and veggies? Stupid.

Has anyone stopped to think of the tons of jobs being put out because of this ban (as in the employees of  plastic bag factories)? I thought we were trying to make more jobs not getting rid of them. Once again, stupid.

What they should ban is styrofoam!

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