Date Night {and it was good}

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Friday night Tyler and I had a night off! YEAH!

We are not very good planners. We simply suck at it. After so much thought we decided we were going to go out for dinner and a movie.

We wanted to eat somewhere good and not so expensive. also somewhere fast since we only had 90 minutes to spare before the movie. We so wanted to go eat at Buffalo Wild Wings but there’s only 3 in Portland and not even one close to the movie theater.

So we decided to drive to Bridgeport Village where the movie played. And there it was, a dim lit restaurant: Claim Jumpers. Pretty odd name if you ask me. I actually thought it was Clam Jumpers since that’s what my poor hearing could make. Wrong.

We thought the restaurant was out of business or something but it was indeed packed!! There was a 30 minute wait for a table for 2 at the dining room! So, of course, we went to sit at the bar! 😀 POPCORN!

{You’ll forgive the bad iPhone photo!}

I was so excited! I’ve never been to a restaurant where they give you popcorn to munch on while ordering! No chips, or bread. POPCORN! I was a happy camper! Popcorn junkie.

Tyler ordered me a drink. I so secretly love it when he does that! He ordered me a Raspbellini! Oh my, I LOVE Bellinis! Even more than chocolate and coffee!!

It was good but nothing compared to the Grand Bellini I used to have every time we went to Milestones back in 2007 when we lived in Vancouver, BC. Man, I love Vancouver. While having dinner I told Ty what I wanted for my birthday: a trip, just the two of us, to Vancouver!! Can’t wait!!

And talking about dinner, I had a very scrumptious Chinese Chicken Salad!

It was very good, just one too many noodles.

And after dinner it was Matt Damon! If you haven’t seen The Adjustment Bureau you should! It’s said to be more thought provoking that Inception, but I don’t agree. It is very good though.

So, what did you guys do Friday night?


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