Where’s your Happy?

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We are living the marker era in my house. Markers are always in use and all over the floor. And this has been going on for over a month or so since A decided he loves to color! And he is getting really good at it too!

Two weeks ago we were coloring together and I decided to draw a happy face on his hand. He loved it! So we decided to call it ‘Happy’.

Every time he has a marker in his hand he’ll reach it over to me and ask for ‘Happy’. And then Happy High Five each other for like a minute!

Today, he decided to draw his own ‘Happy’! And his hand ended all blue. He asked for my help and a drew a new Happy, but this time in purple. And he also told me I had to get my ‘Happy’ too!

For some reason he asked me to lick his hand. I told him it was all full of blue ‘Happy’ and that I didn’t want my toungue to be all blue, so he did it himself! And this is what he looks like now:

He was giving me his ‘No, no, no, no, no’ speech!

Where’s your happy?

  • Echo @ Barely Mommy
    August 5, 2010

    How cute! We haven’t gone to markers yet (we’re not really in crayons), but I dread the day. I’ve been thinking about getting some of the Color Wonder stuff for our kiddo, since he likes “writing” like mommy. Lol.

  • Felicia
    August 5, 2010

    We don’t have a happy. Although Miss Monk loves drawing herself and the rest of the family (which ends up being really big lopsided smiley faces with little bitty legs and arms) on her drawing board. The kind with the magnetic pin. She loves her markers though and is constantly trying to give herself new colored skin. She has this thing about drawing on the bottom of her feet. Not sure what that is all about

  • Jules
    August 5, 2010

    What a darling blog! I’m following you now- I found you on the Mom’s Blogger Club board and I’m happy I did!
    ~Jules @ http://www.adbits.blogspot.com