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A and J are the loves of my life. You too Ty! It’s just, the connection between mother and child is so powerful. I would do anything for my boys (all 3 of them, hubby included).

Where can I start telling you guys about my boys? A was born in 2008, J was born almost 18 months by 4 days (too early).

A is the big brother who is always jumping off the walls. He has always been so independent, wanting to do his own thing. He was walking by 9 months old! Crawling and him did not go together. Ever.

He also decided to wean him self once he discovered the joys of apple juice. This hurt my feelings, a bit at least. It was then I realized he didn’t need me like that anymore. He was ready to embark on his own, at least around the house.

He is stubborn (he gets it from both mommy and daddy). It has to be his way or the highway followed by his ‘No, no, no, no’ speech while holding his hands, palm forward, at you. He’s smart.

He loves the girls. A flirt from day one!

He is really physical, which pisses off some people, but I won’t ask my boy to change who he is. I am actually proud of it. He knows how to defend him self and will set ground if you are crossing the line. And, of course, he gets in trouble when he tries to set ground on his 8 month old brother. He loves wrestling and boxing and pretend he is falling backward on my bed. Jumping is the new thing. He’ll jump off the couch, off my bed, off his stool. You name it. I am surprised he hasn’t broken a bone!

A loves to help! Since he was little he’ll help me unload the spoons. Now he unloads anything he can gets his hands on, and he knows where it all goes!

He helps daddy with the mail and taking the trash out! And lately he wants to answer the phone for us and gets mad if we don’t let him.

He is funny, silly, loves to lounge. He’s also a picky eater who’d be the happiest kid alive if he was allowed to eat ketchup all the time. He loves brushing his teeth. More like sucking the toothpaste off his brush. He loves showers and playing with water.

He is best friends with J! Those two love each other.

J is an observer. He is a thinker. He is funny and silly. Just call his name and he will give you the biggest smiles you have ever seen.

J is a smart little boy.

He is a lover. He will walk towards you and lay his head on your shoulder. He hangs on like a monkey, making sure you won’t drop him or put him down.

He loves mommy and wishes he could be with her all the time. And even though we tried to wean him off the breast, well, it did not work. He is finally sleeping through the night (phew) though.

He likes to try new things. He likes learning and gets excited when you give him a book. He copies whatever A does. He’s always trying to play with him.

Lately he’s been getting mad after every meal. He is a foodie! He could eat a tub of yogurt all by himself! And still nurse afterwards! Of course, he throws up afterwards! But he doesn’t care. He’ll eat and eat and eat if you let him.

He loves to snuggle. He drools and moves like a tornado when sleeping.

He dislikes the car seat. He gets so bored he won’t even smile when you call his name. He’ll just stare as if saying ‘look what you’ve done to me’.

He loves daddy and big brother.

I am the luckiest mother! I have 2 healthy, crazy, silly, amazing boys who love each other and mommy and daddy. I couldn’t have asked for better!


  • dawn
    August 7, 2010

    hey girl! I am your newest follower from FF :)I am also a mommy of two boys! Have a great weekend!

  • Pinkie Anggia
    August 8, 2010

    your boys are REALLY cutiee!!! XD
    love them >.<

    Xoxo ♥
    Pinkie Angia

  • Stephanie
    August 9, 2010

    Hi! I’m your newest follower. Love these pics of your boys … they are adorable (and have always loved the photojournalistic style!) They will love reading this post someday!! Thanks for following… I hope you stop by again for a laugh or even a little inspiration. We have a wide variety of writers who try to remind moms to put away their supermom cape & lose the guilt! Hope you enjoy it! Looking forward to reading more from you!!
    Stephanie from

  • Amanda
    August 9, 2010

    Hi, I’m your newest follower…found you through another blog friend and Bloggy Moms. I have some nighttime reading for tonight going back through your blog. Your babies are too cute and I am eager to read your featured blogger. Stop by my blog and say hello sometime! Blessings, Amanda