Things I learned this week

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  • Do not try to write a 100+ word email when you really have to pee!! If you have to go, go.
  • Turning off your music while typing your 100+ word email won’t make the need to pee go away!
  • Sour skittles will give you tongue sores! But they are oh so good…
  • Whoppers are awesome!
  • Smuggling candy into the theaters is even better! Muahahaha….(evil laugh)
  • Cars make great forts…specially if said car is made out of cardboard (giveaway here)
  • If I am not hungry I do not like to cook. Meaning, if I am not hungry Tyler has to cook for himself, sorry babe!
  • When I am not hungry and won’t cook I make something super easy for the little ones: fruit, milk and a grilled cheese or some chicken.
  • Apparently Mac & Cheese goes great with ketchup!
  • Little people, aka J., know how to use the computer.
  • A., who’s almost 3, knows how to use my iPhone better than I do!
  • “Scratch, don’t scratch that” even sounds confusing to me…?
  • There are songs that sound better when you blast the volume as high as can go…while wearing your earphones, of course! Examples? ‘Rolling in the deep, by Adele and ‘No you girls’ by Franz Ferdinand!


What did you learn this week?


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