Potty Training {Day 1}

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A. is turning 3 in May! …Oh my god! My little boy is almost THREE!! Crazy! It feels like just yesterday he was a little baby who babbled and squealed all day long!

Erm…catching up to my train of thought… A. is almost 3 and I have decided that he has to learn to go to the bathroom all by himself. It has become a crazy endeavor to change his diapers. He cries and hides. He has a hate-love relationship with them

But he is almost 3. Time to say goodbye to his pull-ups. Hello potty!

Early in the morning, after breakfast, I was making the boys some wild cherry Jell-O and A. decided to go butt-naked! I almost stepped on the wet diaper left in the middle of the kitchen. Boys.

I put him in one of his Mater undies. Put his pants back on. And then he disappeared.

Tyler walked down and asked me if I let A. go to the bathroom all by himself. Of course I did not! Have I ever mentioned that my almost 3 year old knows how to open the stair’s gate? Yeah. Little man opened the gate and went to the bathroom, all by himself! Of course he peed with his clothes on but it was in the bathroom!! Counts, right?

He did not let me put underwear on him so he went commando!

{I guess I’ll see a lot of this now!}


1 hour later he stops playing with his cars and tells me: ‘Oops, again!’ while looking down his pants. We run to the bathroom, he takes his pants off and sits on the big potty. He pushed and pushed and said to me ‘Mommy, it’s not working”. Looks like he is loosing fear of the big potty! He still dislikes underwear though. But little steps at a time. I guess letting him go commando is not so bad. One less item to wash.

1:30pm A. woke up from his nap and decided he needed to go to potty. This time I was ‘allowed’ in. Pushed and nothing came out. But at least he tried…he even let me put his underwear on!!

1:50pm HE DID IT!! He peed while sitting in the toilet…though not exactly in it! Half hour later he finished peeing on the carpet…and then the balcony. But he is getting the idea!

4:18pm HE JUST DID IT!! He peed IN the potty!! And…he finished his ‘deed’ on the couch, carpet and kitchen floor…with J. putting his hand into the pee stream…yuck!

The boy is in bed now. He now simply walks to go potty and sits there waiting…looks like it is not going to be as hard as I thought.


Potty training….here we go!


Do you have any potty training tips?




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