‘What’s a DAME to do?!’ board game {Review}

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Two sisters, Kerri and Patti, are the brains behind Games for Dames™ and their premiere board game, What’s a DAME to do?!™. One day while Kerri was visiting Patti, they found themselves in the mood for a good game but couldn’t find one that wasn’t strictly for kids, couples or keg parties. What they wanted was a game like their old favorite (“Kings”), a game just for females, but adult females. So they went ahead and created one: What’s a DAME to do?!™

-Excerpt taken off GamesForDames.com

I had the chance to review What’s a DAME to do?! and let me tell you, the game is awesome! It took us a bit to figure out how to play but once we did we had a blast!



  • The best girls’ night game EVER, just got better!
  • 2-8 players of the female persuasion, Ages 18+
  • Perfect for girls’ nights, bachelorette parties, bridal/baby showers, all girly get-togethers!
  • Quick to learn, easy to play, low tech fun!
  • “SAME GREAT GAME – WHOLE NEW LOOK!”  Same cards as the previous version. Not a new edition, just nipped and tucked!


The very first time I played the game was at my mother in law’s house but we did not get to play it for too long since my mother in law really wanted to teach us all how to play Pinochle (quite confusing deck game). The second time was with Tyler, yeah I know, he is a boy! But I really wanted to show him the game since I loved it so much! He thought it was cool. And I must agree with him 😀

The game is about daily dilemmas us women go through all the time! Like for example: You see an Ex at the grocery store 2 aisles away and you are NOT looking your best, what’s a DAME to do?!® The answer is in the cards! Each player will give their response based on what they think the girls facing the dilemma will do, would she hide in the bathroom? Suck in her stomach? Chat? Yell fire?!

This game is awesome for a Girls Night Out so make sure to check it out!





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