Potty Training {Day 3}

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Wow. Today was different. He kept his diaper on in the morning until he pooped. I was busy running up and down, doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, that I completely forgot to change him into his undies. Once I put his underwear on he did not pee at all ALL day!

He did tell me he had to pee. And we did go potty. He sat there. He tried. Some times he walked out of the bathroom as soon as I mentioned he had to sit in the toilet.

While eating dinner he simply had to go. He told me and I took him. Again he seemed a bit scared. But he peed…on me! I guess there’s a trick for boys to go pee while sitting down without shooting straight…I am a girl, I have no clue.

Since we started potty training 2 days ago I’ve noticed that his pee is a bit cloudy. At first it was just a few drops. Now it is all. It worries me. And I think it hurts him to pee…he won’t tell me. Every time I ask him he either ignores me or he talked about something else.

He is in bed now. And as I read him some books I noticed he jumped a bit and grabbed himself…he told me he had to pee…looks like it does hurt.

We’ll have to take him to see a doctor tomorrow. It could be a urinary tract infection…I hope not. I hope it is all OK and that he is simply trying to tell us he is not ready to go potty by himself.

Ever had something like the cloudy pee happen to you or your kids?






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