Potty Training {Day 4 & 5}

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{Day 4} Day 4 was diaper day since we were out and about around Portland so I did not want him to have an accident in the middle of town with tins of people watching. The Portland’s Farmer’s Market opened on this day (March 19th) so we had to have lunch there. Everybody had an italian sausage and I opted for a chicken tamale with salsa and sour cream…yumms!

We did not take A. to the doctor. Apparently if you hold your pee for way too long it will get cloudy since your kidneys are not getting emptied out. So…it is all good now.

We did go to the mall and I bought a brand new pair of jeans…I can’t believe I once used to wear those low rise jeans that are such a peeve of mine now…we also got A. a new potty seat with Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and one of the fairies, not Abby…the other one, what’s her name? He also got M&M’s…they will be his reward for going to the potty


{Day 5} Today was the day…he PEED IN THE TOILET!! Like actually peed in the potty!! It was awesome watching him be so excited that it finally happened! And once he realized that we were serious about having him grab a bunch of M&M’s for every time he pees in the potty he was in chocolate heaven!! And of course he did not eat dinner…but he peed and I am so proud of him!!

Looks like it will be easy. He now knows how it is supposed to work. Now, lets see how long it takes him to poop!

I’m gonna have to download that Pampers potty dance!!





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