Things I learned this week

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  • You can get cuts out of the blues…I have two to prove!
  • The same applies for bruises…I think mine was due to a toy hammer…not sure though.
  • Satin sheets suck! If you jump on bed on your belly you will surely slide across the bed! And the pillows…drives me nuts! They slide all over and you wake up pillowless…argh
  • I can’t stand any Adam Sandler movies.
  • Potty training takes its time. It is a new thing for little kids. And mommies often get peed on…
  • Little brothers imitate whatever big brothers do…now I have two little boys standing on my drawer handles trying to get to the M&M’s!
  • J. has a very bad temper…just like mommy…oops!
  • If J. is mad, don’t look at him or his temper will get worse…
  • It is funner to download and decorate houses than to actually play The Sims 2…guilty!
  • We are moving to Colorado by the end of June!
  • I can now apply to become an US citizen! So excited!!
  • A.& J. love each other so much!! I caught them hugging each other!
  • Wrestling is fun! Ever tried it?
  • Getting a 1 year old jump and sit on your nose hurts a lot! Thanks J.! My nose still hurts!
  • Having your almost 3 year old land on his butt on your chest hurts even more…couldn’t breathe for a bit there!
  • A. is turning THREE in exactly 2 months!! Once again, I can’t breathe!!
  • My boys are awesome.
  • I Love my life. I Love my family.


What have you learned this week?





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  • Lori
    March 20, 2011

    The thing I hate about satin sheets is rubbing your feed on them when you need a pedicure. EEEEECK!!

  • Lorna Schuster
    March 21, 2011

    I learned that I complain a lot about not having enough time to take care of home projects, but when I get the time I feel too tired and overwhelmed to tackle them — ugh!

    Which means I also learned that it sure would be nice to live closer to my family who could give me a hand now and then. I swear I would reciprocate — lol.

    • Sofia
      March 21, 2011

      I sometimes feel the same!! We are relocating to Colorado and there’s so much we have to do with the house and whenever I have the time I don’t feel like doing them!

      Having family close is surely awesome!