Potty Training {Day 6 & 7}

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It is all going great! Somedays he goes back a step or two but we are most definitely going down the right path.

{Day 6} It all went great today!! Since the day before he realized how easy it is to go potty every single time he had to go he actually peed!! Funny thing is, now he’ll ask: ‘mommy, your finger’ and I have to make sure the pee doesn’t cover me and my bathroom walls….instead of him doing it, it has to be mommy! Silly boys! So, if we do the math:


Potty = M&M’s for A. = M&M’s for J.


No matter what I do J always ends with a bunch of M&M’s as well, so now he gets a few as well…he either steals them from A. or A. gives them to him…I can never win here!

A. still hasn’t quite grasped the concept that poop goes in the toilet as well. He pooped on his bathroom floor…OOPS! But it counts, right? It happened in the bathroom, it’s gotta count!

The second time he pooped was on my living room carpet though…


{Day 7} One step backwards. He refused to pee…he did go twice, though. But by the end of the day, when my in-laws came over for dinner, he refused to go potty at all! He even gave a super sad face and tears were rolling down his face! He wouldn’t even go potty for Grandma…who asked him to go but refused to take him…


Lets see how today goes. So far so good. And he is going commando!


{Want some? We’ve got half a jar left full of yuminess!}




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  • April Nicole
    March 23, 2011

    I have a 2 1/2 year old boy that refuses to still go potty in the potty. He says Nope, when I ask him but yet will take off his diaper and go #1 in the yard with the dog. Or the other day he aimed for one square in his Hot Wheel Storage case and got it all in. Clearly he can aim and knows when he needs to go. M&Ms or lollipops are not working with him. Going to have to figure out something else that will. πŸ™‚
    Feel your pain about one step forward and two back. πŸ™‚
    much love

  • Ross
    March 25, 2011

    Great site! I can remember the frustrations of potty training. We tried everything under the sun with my first daughter. We tried candies for a reward and other things but it still wasn’t working! Aaaahhhhh! the frustration. So glad it’s over. I’m happy I found your site as I plan to come back often!

    • Sofia
      March 25, 2011

      what worked for you guys?