Potty Training {Day 8}

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It has been a week already!! And what a day it was!! Way better than yesterday. Every single time he needed to pee he went to the potty. He still tried to hold it in for as long as possible but when he couldn’t he would ask me to take him to the bathroom. It has been 5 days with no accidents!! Pee accidents that is…

See this little man only pees in the potty…pooping is another mater…ask, for example his undies, or my carpet!! But today was simply hilarious!!

It’s been the second day that my back has bee killing me causing me to be super cranky. So I hear Ty calling me so I go upstairs as fast as I can. As I am turning around the stairs, halfway up, Tyler starts giggling so I knew something funny happened….once on top I look into the boys’ room and A., super proud, yells “TAAAA DAAA”, jump, hands, smile and pride, points at his poop…on top of his crocodile piano. Yep…not on the carpet, on a toy! And he was so proud!! HAHAHA!

What has been the grossest accident your little one has had while potty training?




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