Parents want Florida girl with peanut allergies homeschooled

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Apparently some public school parents in Florida, want a first-grade girl with life-threatening peanut allergies removed from the classroom and home-schooled.


To protect the girl, students in her class at Edgewater Elementary School are required to wash their hands before entering the classroom in the morning and after lunch, and rinse out their mouths, Wait said, and a peanut-sniffing dog checked out the school during last week’s spring break.


As a mother I would do anything to protect my child and I am sympathetic to those who will do anything to keep their kids from harms way.

On the other hand, I would never demand that everyone who might come in contact with my child refrain from doing something that is harmless to most of the population.

I have read many comments on this story and some people went on to say that it was crazy that parents where complaining about their kids having to wash their hands. I honestly think these people don’t truly understand said parents’ point of view on this matter. It is not that the kids are asked to wash their hands, kudos to whoever can keep those little hands cleans! But it has more to do with expecting everybody to change for just one person.

And has anyone put thought into how many hours this takes out of the school’s agenda? I mean, think of it, 1 teacher, 30 students from both sexes and, lets say, 3 sinks and lots of hyper kids coming in from recess. That will easily take 30 minutes out of class a day.

I find her parents a bit selfish. Instead of demanding others to change for their daughter they have to teach her how to survive by her own. Yes, having the classmates and teachers take precautions is one thing but putting the pressure on only them is unrealistic. What is going to happen when this little girl goes to college? What is she going to do when she gets a job? I doubt work policies would change to accommodate her. Think from the point of view of a business owner, if an applicant comes in with demands that require others to not do X or Y for them to take the job, the employer will go to the next best option that is not going to make such requirements.

In the end, I think that I would never make such demands. I would instead limit the possibility of exposure of my kids to the best of my ability without asking others to make sacrifices for them. It is my duty to protect their lives and make sure they grow up healthy. My boys safety is MY responsibility and not everyones.



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  • Heather
    March 24, 2011

    I totally agree. I did hear this on the news and thought it was ridiculous that the parents were demanding so much. Maybe homeschooling is the route they should take!

  • Emily
    March 25, 2011

    I think in general I would agree with you, but her allergy is so severe that she’s considered disabled. I think if I were her parents I would home school her simply to protect her, because even if the school said they’d make every kid wash their hands, it’d be too easy for 1 kid to get missed and that be the kid who ate something that was made in a factory where nuts are present. So anyway, I think people are underestimating how dangerous her allergy is. I read that she’s SO allergic that it’s dangerous for her to even be in the room with someone who ate something made in the same factory as a nut product without washing their hands or rinsing out their mouth. So it’s not possible for her to adapt to a school or work situation, it has to adapt to her because it’s life threatening. So I doubt she will be able to work unless it’s a stay at home job. But she’s legally classified as disabled so she’ll probably get disability.

    • Sofia
      March 26, 2011

      I would homeschool as well. Better safe than sorry. But maybe her parents can’t homeschool her…not everyone is in a position where they can homeschool. But if your kid is that allergic you have to find a way and not just wing it!

  • Valerie
    March 26, 2011

    I don’t know I am torn on this one. I am a homeschooling parent but I have a hard time with others basically demanding that they do. You asked about what will she do when she is in college and such and I would say she will be an adult and better able to handle situations and take precautions on her own where as she is still to young to be so responsible at this point (guessing I don’t know her age nor have I head this story). I am a homeschool supporter but don’t think it works for everyone. If the parent supplied some of what’s needed for this process I don’t see a problem with it. The hospitals have a neat dispenser that the kids can just walk by and squirt hand sanitizer on their hands on the way to their seats no biggie and no real time consumer. If it was my child though I would probably try to keep her out of the atmosphere in the first place for her own protection.
    my 2 cents

    • Sofia
      March 26, 2011

      What I’ve read and head about all this is mostly on the classmate’s parents but they never do talk about her specifically. I haven’t read what exactly it is that she does to protect her self. She might be in 6th grade but she is old enough to understand her allergy.

      I do agree with you that homeschooling is not for everyone. And not everyone is in the situation to homeschool their kids.

      Thanks for your 2 cents! 😀