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Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to remind our mothers of how grateful we all are for their love and attention. As a dad there are a number of ways in which you can help your children to make their mums feel as special as possible, whilst also expressing your own appreciation for the mother of your children.



Everyone loves a nice breakfast in bed, so why not let mum lie in and wake her up with a surprise. Get up early with your children and get them involved in making mum a perfect breakfast. As always it’s the little things that count so why not maybe accompany breakfast with some freshly-squeezed orange juice and some fresh flowers from the garden?

Mums love things made and personalized by their children, so steer clear of the local card shop and get down to helping you ids to make a home-made Mother’s Day card. Just get your kids some colored card, glue and other bits and pieces and let them do the rest.

Mother’s Day is far from just being about cards and presents though. An important part to making the most of making the day special is to make sure that mum doesn’t lift a finger. So writing a list with the kids of mum’s daily chores, like cleaning and getting the washing sorted, and taking turns with your children in doing them is an excellent way to help mum relax and let go.





Home-made cookies are a great and inexpensive favorite for almost all mums. Help your children by getting them the ingredients they need and help them to follow the recipe as closely as possible. Once your children are get the cookies are in the oven, get on with the scrubbing them and the kitchen up so that once mum has enjoyed her cookies, everyone’s ready to get on with the rest of the day.

When the weather’s nice then one of the best treats that you and your children can give mum is a picnic in a local park or nature reserve. You and the kids can make some sandwiches and other finger foods for that personalized touch, and maybe treat mum to some of strawberries and cream. Take a football or some other sporting equipment with you and let mum have fun playing with the all the family in the fresh air. After all, what mums enjoy most on Mother’s Day is spending some quality time with their children, which, in itself, is priceless!




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