My Picky Eater

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I am finally giving up! Yes you heard me! I am not going to fret anymore on whether my child eats his food or not. Why? Well none of that fretting has helped thus far, and I have tried every tactic in the book.

Take this new mom who wanted to do everything right and make sure that your baby boy started off with healthy foods. Healthy eating habits lead to a healthy living right? In theory! 😉

I had read an online article about how introducing vegetables to your six month old before fruits, will help them to appreciate vegetables more. My mother in law wanted me to give J peaches first, I said no! If I give him peaches, he will surely refuse peas or carrots. I just knew it. For the first three months my son’s baby foods were squash, avocado, peas, green beans etc. He soon, even before the fruit was introduced, grew picky. Very picky…all he would eat was carrots. So at nine months I finally introduced fruit. I think applesauce was his first taste of fruit. He was in love with fruits. Would not touch a vegetable. He would spit it out.

I went online for advice. Some people said, just cut out the fruits and if he doesn’t eat solids for a few days, he will go back to eating them when he is hungry enough and that breast milk would sustain him the rest of the time. Some people suggested, making the veggies cut up and soft enough for him to swallow with ease, that maybe if he was in more control of his eating situation, that he would eat the vegetables again. So I started boiling carrots and sweet potatoes making sure they were soft enough for him to eat with no molars, cutting up avocado and letting him eat whole peas and green beens. Didn’t work! He loved loved loved playing with it, mashing it, throwing it, just not eating it. He’d scream, throw a fit, cry endlessly while I thought “WHY WHY WHY!?”

What was I doing wrong? The other kids in my care ate their food. Why was he soo picky?

Answer: He is my offspring and I was a picky eater, as well as his father.
Husband hates: avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, cottage cheese, sour cream, spinach
I hate: mushrooms, olives and bell peppers

Also keep in mind both my husband and I were skinny kids. Just for my husband to play football, his mom had to put weights in his pants so that he would weigh in heavy enough to play.

I was also the kid that had to drink weight gain milk shakes. So naturally our child would follow in our footsteps, and wait we are still alive. I grew out of a lot of the foods I was picky over and so did my husband, but there are still things I will not eat today.

My mother used to tell me that she would hide pieces of meat in macaroni and cheese and even then, I would find that dreaded piece of meat, spit it out, but eat the rest of the mac n cheese. My son is just as clever.

My husband and I would argue every other night about how J was not eating enough food to gain weight and that he was falling off the growth charts. I would worry so much about this that I would cry and beat myself up for not choosing the right method to getting our toddler son to eat healthier. But here is why I am not fretting anymore. I was wrong, my husband was right. Our child was not starving to death. Even though my son is small for his age, he has consistently weighed in at each well baby check up at being in the same percentile. He has not dropped off the charts, he is gaining weight slowly but surely and that is all I can ask for at this point. So fear not, don’t fret. Do the best you can as a mother to feed your baby or toddler healthy foods, but sometimes its ok to just accept that they will not eat more than what we think a bird could live off of, and if given the choice, will eat mac n cheese or a cheese crisp over the vegetables right on their plate. I think this eating thing has been one of the top concerns I have had since becoming a mommy. But I’m here to tell you it will all be ok, and you are not a failure if your child refuses to eat what he is served. He will in time learn to like the same foods you eat. This may mean serving your child this food, knowing he won’t eat it. But if he sees it on his plate, its an opportunity for him to give it a try.




Heather is the master mind behind Mommy Only Has Two Hands, a phrase that I can hear myself repeat day in and day out and that seems to go in one ear and out the other of both my boys. She is a stay at home mommy to little boy J. She is also married and loves coffee as much as I do!

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  • Renee Malove
    March 28, 2011

    LOL! As the mom of not one, but two, picky little boys, I feel your pain. Oh, do I feel your pain. I have tried every trick in the book and have finally resorted to my mother’s old fallback.

    Put the plate in front of them. If they’re hungry enough, they’ll eat it. If they don’t, they’re not going to starve between now and the next meal.

    Sound harsh? A little…until you understand it’s whole wheat pizza and carrot sticks they’re fighting over! Things I know perfectly well they’ll eat if they’re not being picky. And we cut them a lot of slack when things deviate from the standard agenda.

    Why? Because while their father isn’t a picky eater (or their sister, thank goodness), I am. I’m horrible. If my pasta isn’t the right consistency, I won’t eat it. If my rice has too much curry, I won’t eat it. If there’s too much jelly on my sandwiches…

    Well, ok. Those I’ll usually eat. But you see where I’m coming from here!