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I was never a Barbie kind of girl. As a matter of fact, I only had one, the Troll Barbie. I can’t even remember in whether or not I had a Ken. But my older sister had a vast collection of both of them. And she would force me to play. Seriously. She’d pinch me and tell me I had to play with her or she’d tell mom. Maybe that’s the reason why I never liked Barbies…or dolls. Though I did have a few of those.

I got my first doll when I was around 2 or 3 years old and it was a boy who later on got a tattoo on his bald head thanks to a permanent marker. A few years later I got a Newborn Cabbage Patch Kid. I remember you had to open an envelope to figure out whether your new ‘baby’ was a boy or a girl. Mine turned out to be a girl who had a twin!! So my dad sent the birth certificate to the company and they sent me the twin! Did this ever happened to you?! I was beyond ecstatic.

Even though I had my dolls and my one lonely Barbie, I was never much of a doll lover. I didn’t like playing with them. I rather play with my little brother’s cars and pretend they were in a jammed highway.

I’m 26 years old now…and there’s this little something that excites me a bit too much about Barbie:





She has MATTEL plates, a sticker that says Barbie, the Jeep is pink, and she has a tiara!




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